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tv   [untitled]    April 4, 2013 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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assure that we want to know exactly in terms of what we're doing by all developments. this is a chance to come together and talk about what we're doing right. and this is an opportunity to talk about this as well and to talk about what else we're not doing. the final item that i have is another item. it's simply a comment. tomorrow i will be meeting at center with the residents of the 3 housing developments that live in my district. it will include some of the
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officials of the housing authority and i understand that many of those rointsz will be asked as they have been asked to make personal sacrifices like taking shorter showers to save water. and services will have to be kit like security. we saw could i in the paper that there are fourteen jobs that have been cut in the housing authority. and the reason i bring this up
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is i'm going to have a very difficult time to justify the personal sacrifices they have to make to those residents as we read in the paper in the meantime, as those cuts to services are happening as people are being laid off the head of the agency remains receiving a full salary. so i ask myself as a member of this body how do we justify that to those residents? what do i say when i you say you have to make those sacrifices and how do you explain this gentleman gets a full paycheck? i don't understand that. >> thank you supervisor campos.
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>> first without objection can we all join in the memory relay that the supervisor just men's. colleagues i'm addressing one of the biggest resolutions to help prevent towing. last christmas i got a letter. s f mta a $600 tow. christmas is cancelled. we have several tows problems. while it should sure safety or
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clear a lane we often hear about the incredibly high fees. a dozen constituents found out that their cars were towed. their particularly frustrating to folks and city government could better use technology to let people know. all tear towing restrictions were to notice commits that their cars were in zones that could be towed. they don't need a cell phone.
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in 2011 i called for this data and unfortunate little process has been made so the resolution i'm introducing asks the public works and the san francisco police department to release the data as soon as possible >> thank you, colleagues of i ask that we join in memorial recognizing the life of mrs. fong who is the ain't of supervisor yee. i've learned that mrs. fong was like a second mother to him and she just recently passed away on
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march 28th. she was 91 years old. she was born into a family with a lot of siblings. she married at a young age. she always remained strong ties but she had a baby and the baby died. she's survived by 18 nieces and nephews services and funeral will be held tomorrow and just wanted to let supervisor yee to know our thoughts and prayers are with
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him >> thank you and similar to the last requests i'm hoping we can all sponsor that. >> today, i'm introducing resolutions which expands 70s for state and public workers. and assembly bill that expands cancels exciting hiring policies that contract with the state. members of the state may remember that 45 other cities and counties passed this legislation by removing the convictions and delaying the criminal background check until
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later stages in the hiring process. we know that many of the men and women who are released from prison are having problems getting jobs. and they're in smaller neighborhood but having a problem getting jobs. the department of the justice estimates that half of the individuals released will be returning to prison. the cycle of recidivism increases argue taxpayers taxes. and if this is successly passed
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it would be 2 is 189 expands the policies and the this other item expands the employers. this is local will i supported by committees and legal services with rights for children of those prisoners. i want to acknowledge 3 supervisors here. last year a similar resolution had come before our board as well. >> thank you, madam clerk. today, i'm introducing the ongoing countries at our city college. this has provided students the benefit for a better life.
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it produces the very progressions that keep our city very believe. since 2007 the excellently has been forced to cut $50 million and because of the colleges record it has been looked at. those twin challenges have tested the schools like never before. it's time for our city to think about how we can support the school. this calls for the city so use the funds to keep the classrooms
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open. and to re- our youth christmas for raising the issue in the community and campus as well. we anticipate talking about this resolution and a hearing next week as well and i invite the audience here to join us in possible solutions. and a new idea that is coming to the district it's called a thick, thick clinic and it's an example of sharing the building community and resourcesness join
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me and other residents for the fix it clinic. it takes place at the richmond district center. people like me will have the opportunity to bring our broken items like an old electronic small appliances and toys to receive guidance on how to fix the problem. we hope to reduce the amount of wastes that end up in our lands. and the first time san francisco is hosting such a event.
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bring broken items. there's a bonus if you could bring imply tools. bring boxes, bags and other things. for more information go to fix it the museum has started a new night like the - this friday in san francisco lots of first names will be there from 5 to about 845 that's got film screenings and panel screenings a exhibit towers increase in cooperation with the veteran
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artists they'll help debut their art and speak about the artist progress. there's going to be a tower you can gossip. join us for make drag not war. >> thank you. >> thank you today, i'm requesting we're adjourning our memorial for a young moan thirty years old raised in wyoming. he transferred after two years. he lived near ocean beach and he
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was considered a very friendly person and loved will i many. he was known to swim at the beach where he left. i want to request we adjourn the meeting in his honor >> excuse me. mr. president we'll through with. >> go to public comments. >> please note that public comment is not allowed on those issues that were discussed today. please address your comments to the panel as a whole. if you'd like a document to be
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debated on the overhead projector please make sure you remove it when done. >> (speaking another language)
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i'm here today to continues that i talked with you last week about a gentleman in the picture here. this man he be coming to be the best simple in my country
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beginning from 1552. then he becoming the best singer in the world of our country's and he always scare from the pop rate but here the artist here if he wanted to help the person he want his picture to be in the newspaper and everything here just he wanted them to be around for more program for them. ladies and gentlemen i would like to see each one of you created something else we can remember you in the future for
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may think. the first one i ask our supervisor district 4. the sad could be something in her district i worry about she could protect the people in the future >> thank you. next speaker. and i want to remember to indirect your comments. >> to the public rape of the friends of the library. it not only needs on the public's assets. the public library is presumed to be the most democratic of our
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snoozed. the public private participating destroys public privacy. and it promotes the influence of private money. permit devastation is a failure but it buys accountant ability. there's no accountability for the private money even goes. most of all there is no accountability that allows them to operate in secret. there are no repercussions because the city hall a enslaved with the money. the correspondence paid for the
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chairs not only they do that at the public you library they will tell you to your face. the only influence that the library buys is for city hall. the city hall politicians and corporate interests see themselves as the only one's in the life boats. without ethics society itself will fail and arresting me doesn't solve anything >> thank you. next speaker >> supervisors ray had a right open government. on the screen if it ever gets there is a referral to this board of supervisors regarding the public libraries failure to
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show the documents. this is the document that shows the supervisor herrera has directed city employees to violate the action and has directed to act in violation of other laws. at no times did mr. herrera ever attempt to insight any withheld allowance. for 20 months he's simply refused to produce documents and the critical particular of this referral reads the task force recommendation the library is to
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be investigated. this is the driving force among all the violations of this law. so supervisors when is it going to do this? you've been ignoring me for two or three years. they don't like what we have to say and they figure they can keep us from getting the records. this is fraud. it's misrepresentation when we go before the public and make claims that they have given all the money to the library when they truly have raised in excess of $50 million. >> thank you very much. thank you very much.
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thank you very much. next speaker >> this is really challenging coming up here and the power point and the supervisors i'm it's ridiculous up here. in two manipulates i can't explain it while i'm up here forgives me, i'm upset. i'm upset with city hall. i'm speaking to the acting mayor. this city is out of control. we as african-americans are under siege what we call a state of emergency. hello, hello. testing testing. i promised i'll never get up here to confront them but it's
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not easygoing to your office when it doesn't reflect me. there - i know my supervisor says she's hoping that she's raised. - when they had mr. david you gilmore what i'm saying to individuals on this board you need to hook up with campos and raise a mass meeting with the tenants and we're going to march down here but what about the tenants like camping possess says? i understand there is a mass meeting with the mayor who
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cares. one thing for sure we as african-americans are in the state of emergency we've got no chance >> next speaker. >> my name is a eugene. the constitution that we address is a matter of social curls condition supplied radiant in it's universe. redress to corroborate to answer on inability of the state to anything work time and recognition in exchange for healthy basic needs. we humans who educate labor in
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basis needs the maintenance of our people's a universe written as a ballot mile-an-hour outlaws racism and capital currency and man taxation's is organized collective labor. that qualifies from life instruments, production, it's anything work time. recognition of medical health oust. masses will leave and social culture labor persons skills and production, product, mental health did i ability basic needs
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and overall means of production is to tries in evolution. and joy constructive and is a total masses retirement age facilities and social culture needs to take this is change >> thank you very much. next speaker >> good afternoon. supervisors. indignantness lifelong resident southeast sector. i come before you to let you
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know of gun violence month. the shirt is in honor of a young man who was a san francisco adult league in the year 2000 that year we was shot and killed on christmas day at the age of 20. my heart goes out to the mission. and to the mission and to the c r n of the mississippi brother john t. and 3 others. this goes out to the family. may tender memories so often your grief. and may i find comfort and peace in the of the thought joyt